I’m Liz

Hi. I’m Elizabeth Noble, an artist based in Boston Massachusetts. I am fascinated by commonplace things in daily life, so my work investigates the influence of simple objects and experiences.  I make their portraits as a means of understanding.

I grew up in Nebraska, received a Bachelor of Arts degree in Biology and Studio Art from St. Olaf College in Minnesota, got married, and moved to New England. Curiosity produced a zigzagging career. From insects in agriculture, to medical illustration, groceries, clinical asthma trials, bookkeeping and websites, work has been a generous educator. Field notes came first, sketchbooks second, and over time, the exploration and documentation became personal routine. A student of the everyday, I keep poking around, zooming in and making theories. My vocabulary is visual instead of lingual. So, I’ll thank you for dropping by, stop talking, and invite you in. Take a look. Ask a question. Leave a story.

Reach out if you would like to collaborate or see my work in your space.