Elizabeth Noble is an artist based in Boston, Massachusetts. She is fascinated by commonplace things, and her work investigates the influence of simple objects and experiences in daily life.  She paints their portraits as a means of understanding.

Elizabeth grew up in Nebraska, received a Bachelor of Arts degree in Biology and Studio Art from St. Olaf College in Minnesota, got married, and moved to New England. Curiosity produced a zigzagging career and art became an underlying constant. From insects in agriculture to grocery store management, from book keeping to clinical trials, Elizabeth sites work as a generous educator. Field notes came first, sketchbooks second, and over time, visual exploration and documentation became her personal routine.

In addition to being a mother and managing operations at a biotech start-up in downtown Boston, Elizabeth paints and draws rigorously. A student of the everyday, she continues to zoom in on her surroundings and theorize through paint and pencil.

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